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Gain immediate access to the PosterBase Database, the first and only one of it's kind, Price Guide Book and FREE online Image-Supplement for posters and handbills.
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Welcome to Postertrip

Postertrip is the home of PosterBase, the first and only Book of it's kind, which documents over 5000 rare and collectable Rock N' Roll Concert Posters & Handbills. PosterBase, the Book, contains no pictures. Access to my personal database, which includes thousands of images for reference purposes, is absolutely FREE! with the purchase of PosterBase, the Book. (Access Limited to 1 Year.) PosterBase is 740 + Pages and contains over 5000 entries. PosterBase is only $74.95 + $10.00 S&H
Contact E-Mail : postertrip@hotmail.com -

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Additional Acid Test Poster & Handbill Pictures
Here are a few examples of other known Acid Test Posters, Handbills, and Misc. Items. . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 10 - La Honda "Happenings" - Kesey's Acid Test "Parties" - May-Nov. 1965
   "When we started doing the Acid Tests out in La Honda, the thing that made them exciting was the fact that they were entertaining but it wasn't a closed circle. We hadn't planned our ente . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 30 - Poster and Handbill Population Report
Breakdown of what exists and what does not (to the best of my knowledge) - Note: There are collections out there which I am completely unaware of and collectors who I do not know, so this is only a ro . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 29 - The Jerry Garcia Acid Test Art Collection
   Around the time period of April 2008, a very strange, very amateurish-looking Acid Test handbill for the Fillmore on Jan 8, 1966, appeared on E-Bay and was sitting up for several days bef . . . keep reading
About the Acid Test Chronicles and About Me - Project Objectives - Page 31
About the "Acid Test Chronicles" :    I decided to develop this 'public' section of my database site for several reasons. The main reason is that I have a passio . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 25 - PNE Garden, Canada - July 1966
   The Acid Test held in Canada marked the first time the Grateful Dead performed abroad. . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 27 - Acid Test Graduation - Oct. 31, 1966
      LSD-25 had just been outlawed on Oct. 6, 1966. The hipsters knew this was going to happen ahead of time and held a Graduation ceremony to celebrate the past a . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 26 - SF State Cafeteria Acid Test- Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2, 1966
   3 Day Acid Test event. The last real Acid Test, where the Grateful Dead actually played. The Dead missed the Acid Test Graduation on Oct. 31, 1966, and ended up playing at the "Dance of D . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 24 - Trips 196? - April 15, 16, 17, 1966 - 3 Day Trips Festival
   Trips Festival April 1966 . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 21 - Cinema Theatre Acid Test - Feb. 25, 1966
   The Acid Test held at the Cinema Theatre on Feb. 25, 1966, would have been all but forgotten about, were it not for this advertisement shown above. No details at all are known about this . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 28 - Jerry Garcia Original Crayon Hand-Colored Warlocks Acid Test Poster ORIGINAL ARTWORK
   "The next summer, Jerry (age 16) enrolled in an art program at what's now the San Francisco Museum of Art Institute, where he honed his drawing skills. He delighted in producing the most . . . keep reading
The Acid Test Chronicles - Page 16 - Portland Oregon - 6th Acid Test - Jan. 15, 1966
   Portland was the sixth Acid Test, held Jan. 15, 1966   "Compared to that, the Portland Acid Test was unsurprisingly anticlimactic, although Weir had an extraor . . . keep reading
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